The ACA has signed a two year lease with Melbourne Polytechnic to utilise a vacant building at its Preston campus for new ACA premises. Members will recall that a search for a new building to house the ACA has been on the Board’s agenda for a number of years.

Entrance to the new ACA premises

The new building will enable the ACA to house staff in an administration area, host ACA and NACE training courses, ACA Technical Events, branch meetings, Board meetings, committee meetings and other external functions onsite in two training rooms.

There is also a dedicated room to organise and store our training requirements (cases, technical equipment). Importantly, the transport and logistics of moving our training equipment around the country can now be more efficiently and safely administered.

Current workshop area

This new facility and office space will allow the ACA to better deliver services to our members and provide the opportunity to grow and improve delivery of our training program.

There is no change of ownership to the current ACA building in Blackburn, Melbourne. We have plans to lease out the existing building.

We aim to undertake some cosmetic changes internally and will be fully moved in by the end of the month.


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