The objective of the AMPP Concrete Coating Inspector (CCI) course is to thoroughly train individuals in the proper methods of inspecting surface preparation and installation of protective coatings on concrete structures and facilities.

Who should attend
Applicators, Inspectors, Contractor Managers, Specifying Engineers, Technical Representatives, and Material/Equipment Suppliers involved in the Concrete Coating industry.


  • Level 1 & 2 : 5 Days
  • Level 1 : 4 Days
  • Level 2 : 1 Day (exam only)

Method: Lecture, Personal instruction, and practice

Assessment: CBT Exam (Pearson Vue)

What’s included:

  • All course materials
  • Full catering


  • Level 1: AMPP Concrete Coating Basic eCourse (CCB)
  • Level 2: See CCI Prerequisite Form

*Additional Ethics eCourse provided by AMPP will be required to completed certification if not previously completed or if another equivalent ethics course has been completed.

Course Highlights

  • Inspection and treating substrate problems which affect coating quality.
  • Inspection of ambient and substrate conditions
  • Inspecting surface preparation equipment
  • Inspecting and testing abrasive blast media
  • Safety hazard inspection
  • Inspecting surface preparation
  • Inspecting coating application on concrete
  • Coating specifications
  • Simulated pre-job conference
  • Inspection procedure development
  • Simulated project inspection


CCI Level 1 Prerequisite CCB

Prerequisite is Concrete Coating Basics eCourse (CCB). This is an 8-hour online course that must be complete prior to the start of CCI Level 1 course. Students can purchase the CCB course through the AMPP website and complete accordingly.

CCI Level 2 Prerequisite Form

Prior to commencement of CCI level 2 course Prerequisite form must be completed and emailed to certificationnew@ampp.org. Please include a picture for your wallet card (.jpg file named as First_Last.jpg max size: 2mb).

The form must have three professional References, and detail your experience relevant to concrete coating and/or surfacing is calculated by either A or B as follows:

A: 2 years (3,000 hours) of relevant concrete coating and/or surfacing experience. See List 1.

And 40 hours of approved additional training. See List 2

B: 5 years (7,500 hours) of relevant concrete coating and/or surfacing experience. See List 1.

To become a AMPP CCI Level 2 certified coatings inspector, you must pass each component of the CCI Level 1 exam with a score of 70% or higher, pass each component of the CCI Level 2 exam with a score of 80% or higher, and meet all prerequisite requirements as stated above.


Expression of Interest for Training Course

If you can’t find the course you are after, please fill in the expression of interest below and we will contact you when we schedule one.

Expression of Interest


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