The newly released AMPP suite of three coating application certificates in Australia: C6, C7 and C12, offered in partnership with BlastOne. The Craftworkers Series course delivers a six-day theoretical and practical course that will provide established Marine and Industrial Coating Applicators with three certificates.
The C-Series training allows people to get an internationally recognised certification to work in the field and is designed for people wanting to build skills, be certified, and be recognised for their experience.

Who should attend
This course is designed for Coating applicators, Painters, Contractor Personnel, and Sprayers.

AMPP Craftworker Series includes: C6, C7 and C12

Surface Preparation Paint Application C6 is designed to certify industrial and marine painters in proper hand and power tool surface preparation methods, brush and roller coating application, in accordance with industry standard paint practice.

Abrasive Blaster C7 is designed to certify contractor personnel who wish to obtain certification in blast cleaning of steel and nonferrous surfaces. It covers principles of surface preparation, surface cleanliness, surface profile, dust and debris control, and abrasives.

Spray Application C12 assesses the skills of sprayers who have a minimum of 800 hours applying protective coatings with airless/conventional spray in an industrial or marine environment. Candidates are certified through a brief, written certification exam and a practical, hands-on skill assessment. This course is designed to train and certify marine/industrial applicators to operate airless/conventional spray equipment.

Duration: 6 Days (2-3 days each)

Method: Personal instruction and practice


  • Practical Examination
  • Theory Examination

What’s included:

  • All course materials
  • Full catering
  • Testing materials

Prerequisites (for respective courses):

Highlights Surface Preparation Paint Application (C6)

  • Corrosion basics
  • Corrosion control process
  • Solvent cleaning
  • Hand-tool cleaning to SSPC-SP 2
  • Power-tool cleaning to SSPC-SP 3, 11, and 15
  • Assessing surface cleanliness according to SSPC-VIS 3
  • Coating basics for brush and roll application
  • Brush and roll application
  • Use of wet and dry film thickness gages
  • Determining the extent of curing

Abrasive Blaster Highlight (C7)

  • Principles of surface preparation
  • Nozzle abrasive blast cleaning systems (with hands-on session)
  • Wet abrasive blast cleaning systems (with hands-on session)
  • Abrasives
  • Portable centrifugal (wheel) abrasive blast cleaning systems (with hands-on session)
  • Abrasive blast cleaning nonferrous substrates

Spray Application Highlight (C12)

  • Introduction/overview of airless/conventional spray equipment operational systems
  • Proper mixing techniques
  • Proper spray techniques
  • Conventional spray (optional)
  • Troubleshooting

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