In early 2021 we made a some changes to our ACA membership accounts, adding a number of additional profile fields so we could get to know more about our members. These additional profile fields are required to be updated on membership renewal, but you don’t need to wait until renewal time to update them. You can log in below and update them now, or you can head to your account (this can be found in top toolbar whenever you’re logged in) anytime you’d like to make changes.

One of these new additions is an opt-in to having your contact details to be included on a branch contact list, shared with volunteers on your local branch committee, so they can contact you directly to let you know about upcoming ACA activities and involvement opportunities.

This field is at the very bottom of the Edit profile page (picture below so you know what to look out for). Having your contact details included in these contact lists is managed on an individual opt-in basis, so we’ll only include your contact details with your permission.

We also encourage anyone who is interested in being a part of our Young Corrosion Group to make sure they tick the “Interested in The Young Corrosion Group?” Tick Box that pops up after you’ve selected your career stage.


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