The Australasian Corrosion Association is a professional, member-based, Not-For-Profit established in the 1950’s and has one of the largest member written peer-reviewed articles and conference papers libraries anywhere.

Continuing this tradition we are opening up the website to members to post comments, contribute to forums, send us reviews, photos and submit articles.

You can even send us a video!

 Case Studies and Technical articles

People are always interested in how a project was completed, the challenges faced and how you overcame them. These are not peer reviewed however we will leave comments open to members on the site.

Event Roundups

Did you attend an ACA event?  Some people in the ACA work in remote locations and have limited access to the Events so a quick roundup, a short video or photos are much appreciated and one of our most popular sections on the website


We are always on the lookout for great photos of your work in Corrosion mitigation or if you just find something interesting in corrosion.  For publication in the magazine they need to be high resolution but for the website a picture captured on your phone is fine.

Social media

The ACA has a social media presence on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. We publish to all of these from the website and individually with a new focus on content production.

The Corrosion and Materials Magazine

The ACA’s  Premium Publication for Peer-Reviewed Corrosion articles.
Papers submitted for C&M will be subject to the same rigorous peer review as before.

Your paper will also be simultaneously released to our member-only peer-reviewed section of the website.


Why Should You Contribute?


As a professional member of the ACA, your contributions are linked to your profile.

Giving back to your community

The ACA is not just a website. We provide real professional networking opportunities throughout Australasia with in-depth technical events, social events and training in the corrosion industry.

Part of the team

The ACA is a vibrant and active group of volunteers.  As a contributor or an ACA Author, you will have a byline on every article you publish linked back to your own profile.


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