We are excited to announce our revived Roadshow that will travel down the East Coast of Australia, bringing the best of the industry with technical presentations, training opportunities, skills development, social events and more.


Townsville Tickets

Brisbane Tickets

Newcastle Tickets

Melbourne Tickets

Also featuring Q and As, networking opportunities, outdoor demonstrations, this is a great chance to get the work team together for an informative and fun day out. Between 8th – 18th of August this year, some of the most experienced members of our Protective Coatings Technical Group and Applicators Technical Groups will hit the road and share their knowledge and experience across four cities.

Across two big weeks, the teams will visit Townsville, Brisbane, Newcastle, and Melbourne as we’ve ensured this time to hit both regional and metropolitan areas for this round to reach as much of our corrosion community as possible.

We’re offering bulk tickets in 3- and 5-packs at discounted prices, making it a great opportunity for a winter work get-together. We’ve tailored these events to make sure we get out and see as much of our industry peers and partners as we can. We look forward to seeing you on the road.

Check out the full schedule breakdown:



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