Corrosion Under Insulation – Research and Innovation

his webinar features two fantastic guest speakers, Dr Thunyaluk (Kod) Pojtanabuntoeng, discussing some of the Recent Developments in CUI Research from Curtin Corrosion Centre and joining us from the UK, Dr Prafull Sharma, Chief Technology Officer of CorrosionRADAR spoke about Corrosion Under Insulation Risk Analytics with Monitoring Systems using Electro-Magnetic Guided Radar (EMGR). Earlier this year (2021), CorrosionRADAR won the Materials Performance (MP) / Association for Materials Protection and Performance (formerly NACE) Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award for its ground-breaking Predictive Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Monitoring System – a next generation technology solution that is transforming the global response to the enormous industrial challenges created by CUI.

Third Generation Polysiloxane Technology

The ACA's Oil and Gas Technical Group was thrilled to Host Peter Bock for a presentation on Third Generation Polysiloxane Technology. Third Generation Polysiloxane (TGPS) ambient curing CUI mitigation coatings have been used in the petrochemical and processing industries for over five years since the “third generation” concept was introduced at NACE Corrosion 2017. These coating technologies have demonstrated positive results in both shop and field application for asset management in elevated temperature, cryogenic and cyclic applications across -196 to 650o C/ (-321 to 1200o F)  operational temperatures. TGPS coatings have also demonstrated effective use of a two-step (primer-insulation) CUI mitigation coating approach operating up to  400o C/750o F, when compared to the traditional (CUI coating-fibrous insulation-cladding) systems.


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